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快乐时时彩 江苏无极灯工矿灯国内市场的增长预计将加速

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快乐时时彩 江苏无极灯工矿灯国内市场的增长预计将加速

扬州亿朗照明科技有限公司,公司位于扬州,中国的高科技企业照明协会,在江苏省的主要产品之一的无极灯制造商:无极灯,低频无极灯、 无极灯工矿灯及各种型号规格的节能灯。


18 次全体会议上"十三五"的新目标和要求,坚持绿色发展,坚持节约资源的基本国策,保护环境,这意味着,绿色发展已成为新的国家战略发展的目标和方向,探讨生态文明建设。绿色生产、 生活方式、 消费模式和价值体系将成为经济和社会发展的重要组成部分,并还将协调与创新、 绿色发展、 开放和共享发展与促进转型期国家发展的重要驱动力。节约能源是未来几年的一个重要趋势。据业内人士估计,按照目前的节能灯零售价为 8 元左右,计算用节能灯替换白炽灯泡,8 个月可以节省电费回收。


如果我国被换成节能灯,节约电费将一年的三峡电站发电能力。节能灯在家庭中的,个人网站面积比公众,我政府困难得多的是发展的节能照明财政补贴,有消息说,"十一五"补贴预计期间将 100 亿人民币左右。补贴将显然符合国家标准为国内大、 中型企业的电光源,进入节能倾斜,也会刺激国内消费的节能灯产品。

同时,照明电器出口保持较快增长,今天在去年 1-11 月增长 16。67%。统计数据表明,进口和出口平均价格差距照明,如氙气灯在去年 11 月,平均价格为 77。2,出口价格平均为只有 25。89 元。沈晓峰说:目前的趋势蔓延缩小,但由于明显的劳动力成本优势,即使受到人民币升值的不利影响,很难改变在短期内的出口需求。



扬州亿朗照明科技有限公司网址:http://www.yijiaodaye.com/  欢迎您的光临!



Jiangsu electrodeless lamp highbay domestic market growth is expected to accelerate

Yangzhou k lang lighting technology co, Ltd is a high-tech enterprises in Yangzhou, China lighting Association, largest lamp manufacturers in Jiangsu Province, one of the main products: electrodeless lamp, low frequency electrodeless lamp, electrodeless lamp mining lights, and specifications for various models of energy-saving lamps.

Highbay electrodeless lamp below to introduce domestic market growth is expected to accelerate:

18 plenary session on "Thirteen-Five" the new objectives and requirements, adhere to green development, adhere to the basic State policy of conserving resources and protecting the environment, suggesting that green development has become a new national strategy for the development of goals and directions, approaches the construction of ecological civilization. Green production, lifestyles, consumption patterns and value systems will become an important part of economic and social development, and will also coordinate with innovation, green development, open and shared development with important driving force for promoting the development of countries in transition. Energy conservation is an important trend in the coming years. According to industry estimates, calculated in accordance with current energy-saving lamp retails for around 8 Yuan, replace the incandescent bulbs with energy-saving lamps, 8 months can save the electricity cost recovery.

If the country were replaced with energy-saving lamps, electricity savings will be a one year three gorges power plant generating capacity. Energy-saving lamps in family, personal sites area is much more difficult than public, for my Government is the development of energy-saving lighting financial subsidies, sources say "Eleven-Five" subsidy is expected to be around 10 billion yuan for the period. The subsidies will be clearly in line with national standards for domestic large and medium enterprises of electric light sources, access to energy-saving tilt, will also boost the domestic consumption of energy-saving lamp products.

Meanwhile, lighting electrical exports remain a fairly rapid growth, today in January-November last year grew by 16.67%. Statistics show that the import and export average price gap lighting, such as xenon lamps in November last year, average price for 77.2, export price was only 25.89 Yuan on average. Shenxiaofeng said that the current trend of spread narrowing, but due to the obvious labor cost advantages, even if adversely affected by the appreciation of the Renminbi, it is difficult to change the export demand in the short term.

Our company specializes in providing electrodeless lamp, low frequency electrodeless lamp, electrodeless lamp mining lights, and specifications for various models of energy-saving lamps. Welcome new and old customers come to buy, we will wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers to join us!





江苏无极灯工矿灯国内市场的增长预计将加速:江苏无极灯工矿灯国内市场的增长预计将加速:扬州亿朗照明科技有限公司,公司位于扬州,中国的高科技企业照明协会,在江苏省的主要产品之一的无极灯制造商:无极灯,低频无极灯、 无极灯工矿灯及各种型号规格的节能灯.无极灯工矿灯,工矿灯,江苏工矿灯,无极灯......


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